Michele Letizia Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Obozowa 16, 62-800 Kalisz, tel. + 48 62 502 31 71, fax + 48 62 502 31 81 mailto:office@letizia.com.pl


Michele Letizia was founded in 1969, manufacturing elastic bands destined mainly for women’s lingerie. At the time, annual production totalled 8 million metres and was sold entirely in Italy. Subsequently, basing itself on a strategy of vertical integration, and employing the most modern technologies and advanced quality and control systems, Michele Letizia progressed through constant development, coming to assume a prominent position on a global scale.

Alongside its strategy of technological innovation, Michele Letizia also developed a diversified sales network which boasts two branches in Poland and Romany, together with sales representatives present in various countries.

Today, with its present facilities covering 20,000 square metres, production at Michele Letizia has attained 100 million metres, for an export quota of over 30 %.

A great deal of attention is directed towards product innovation and the capacity to adapt production to the market’s diverse needs in terms of service and quality.

Michele Letizia is thus an ideal business partner for those seeking the right blend of innovation, quality and service.

It was just in Poland, where in 1998 Michele Letizia S.p.a. Company opened its branch in Kalisz, with the team of sellers who successfully introduced Italian products in the Polish market. After two years of activity in the native market, the sale increased thanks to the Baltic region countries export.

In March of 2007, Michele Letizia Polska Sp. z o.o. Company moved to a new seat, extended by the first dyeing house in Poland designed for tapes for underwear production in continuous system with an innovative machinery, fully respecting environment protection.
In the factory there is a modern sewage treatment plant, and the rules in force in this industrial sector are strictly followed.

Both tapes and other underwear accessories are dyed colours according to the client’s wish, keeping high quality standards, which is enabled by a modern and precise controlling system.
From the very beginning, Michele Letizia Polska Sp. z o.o Company puts a special emphasis on a high level of technical staff and provided services, which, in effect, allows to increase the number of clients, shortens delivery time and improves the quality of the offered goods.

Michele Letizia Polska Sp. z o.o. is an excellent partner for all those who are looking for innovation, high quality goods and the services provided on the highest level.